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Buy and Make a Certain Income in Every Month

Do you want to make money online without spending any time and doing nothing? will give you a certain income in every month. More details below:

Website Information

  • Domains: and (for hosting mp3 files)
  • Domain Provider:
  • Hosting: in Google Blogger and in DigitalOcean

Site Rank & Visitor Information

  • Alexa rank: To see alexa information click here.
  • Check the Google analytics report (Sep 1, 2018 – Sep 30, 2018). Click on the image for full view ─

Earning Source uses Pop-under/Popup, Direct ad and CPM Banner ads as earning source.
  • Pop-under/Popup: display a window in a Browser tab whenever user click on the page. Earning is evaluated by per click.
  • Direct Ads: a direct ad link is used for this ad (e.g. “Download Now” button). Earning is evaluated by per click.
  • CPM Banner Ads: display banners. Earning is evaluated by per thousand impressions. currently uses Pop-under/Popup & Direct Ad link as earning source.

Per Month Income

Earning depends on how many visitors visit the site and ads value. More visitors more money, best valuable ads are more profitable. But till now it’s ─ $40 USD + more.

How to Buy

Face to face buy/sell is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. And if you want to buy remotely, you can go through the 4 step payments for our both safety. Remember always payment first.
  1. 1st payment – $100: (for transfer hosting and Website from site owner to your own Blogger account).
  2. 3rd payment – $100: (for transfer domain from site owner to your own Godaddy account).

Payment Methods: Paypal, Perfect Money, Payoneer and Brac Bank Only in Bangladesh.

Bid Price: $200 USD (16,000 BDT)

Contact Me to Buy

Note: Only contact me if you’re interested to buy. Must provide an email address to contact you and if you are Bangladeshi then provide your contact number. Please don’t hesitate me doing false submission.